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Thursday 12 June 2014
Full version of netstorm 78
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This is the last version of netstorm with all fixes (mirror and color issue in windows vista/7) and updated working servers url.
 Netstorm full download - FLEET's fix 
Netstorm portable download - DWMI's fix 
Who have already full netstorm version, but still have color issue. Download this file NetStorm WIN7.exe and put it in game folder. Then run it for start netstorm.

Posted by:RAMAonThursday 12 June 2014 - 14:46:02
Thursday 17 April 2014
Power outrage
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Gmt 6pm we had a power outrage that affected the north of Scotland, as a result our logging server went down, as a result netstormworld challeng server could not connect to it so it too went into hibernation ! I didnt think to check at the time as I knew netstormworld was on a backup PSU
Game servers is now available,

Posted by:nsworldonThursday 17 April 2014 - 14:16:59
Tuesday 08 April 2014
Server failure
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Burn out of PSU on windoz (our primary NS server), fortuitously a dig round the bins produced a replacement although its age and capabilities are unknown.
temperately I switched router to point to our development linux server while the PSU was replaced.
Wndoz is now up and running.
As a precaution I have set the linux to run on port 6900 and opened public access.
So you now have a double backup.

Posted by:nsworldonTuesday 08 April 2014 - 00:38:43
Friday 18 May 2012
Netstormworld game server status icon
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Updated server security due to the webserver receiving the calls for the challenge server staus instead of the netstormworld game server - this was from external sites calling a file backend.txt on our webserver and reporting that the challenge server was up. These calls have now been blocked resulting in us having greatly reduced demands on the webserver as well as less errors in the logs.
any websites out there running server status menu on e107 / php nuke will now show our game server as being offline.

Posted by:nsworldonFriday 18 May 2012 - 01:10:51
Friday 31 December 2010
chirpy hogmany everyone
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happy new year from the greatest Celtic nation
aim for 2011 is to keep the skies of nimbus in existence nothing more , nothing less
make of it what you will, i say ns is still the most original game on the planet despite the release of sc2

now go get merry

Posted by:nsworldonFriday 31 December 2010 - 02:47:36
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Leader_Phoenix on 20 Jun : 03:28
I appreciate the assitance but I neither live in the U.S.A. nor do I currently have a cellphone.

RAMA on 18 Jun : 18:54
add this number in watsapp +79046000100
and send some msg, after that you will get into watsapp netstorm group, there you can find players for few games

nsworld on 17 Jun : 21:13
leader_phoen ix - nshq is not available at present - you have to enter its new server address - which I'ma faid I dont know off the top of my head, if you get whatsapp for you phone there is a community that plays regularly

Leader_Phoenix on 16 Jun : 21:25
The Netstorm Portable build lets me connect to the lobby, but I find nobody there. The latest WinXP updater on the other hand tries to connect to NSHQ.

RAMA on 16 Jun : 14:48
Leader_Phoen ix, read our news. We have everything what need to play in NetStorm!

Leader_Phoenix on 16 Jun : 02:21
Fret not, I found the portable version. Shame on me for not reading earlier comments...

Leader_Phoenix on 16 Jun : 01:56
Hello everyone. I want to play the game but the autoupdater says NetstormHQ is not responding, and a little research indeed shows that NSHQ is gone for good. Is there hope for the game or should I just take my leave?

RAMA on 12 Jun : 16:54
for fobby

zazu on 12 Jun : 14:27
Nice job dudes! :-)

RAMA on 11 Jun : 18:53
there is universal fix for color issue in windows 7/vista (final version)
put it in game folder and run it to start ns. Works with Leon's fix and Fleet's fix.

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